Copper Sheets

Our company is identified as one of the prime Copper Sheets Manufacturer in India. The Metal Copper Sheets offered by us are widely demanded in the market due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance in respective applications. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Copper Flat Sheets in varied sizes and dimensions. We also one of the leading Copper sheets dealer in Kerala, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. These Copper sheet also used for temple.


Copper Sheet, DOW, DHP & ETP Size Range :

Standard Size Thickness
1000 × 2000 mm 1.2 mm to 16 mm
1250 × 1250 mm 1.2mm to 25 mm
1250 × 2500 mm 1.2 mm to 12 mm
2’x4’,16’’x48’’,14’’x48’’ 0.3 mm to 25 mm

Chemical Composition of Copper :

Material Normal Composition Nearest Relevant Composition Specification
Electrolytic tough Pitch H.C. Copper 99.92% Min. Cu C 101 Cu ETP 1337 H 3100 C 2100
Phosphorous Deoxidized Copper ( DONA) 99.92% Min. Cu P.0.0134-0.05 C 106 Cu DHP 1337 H 3100 C 122


Material Tensile temper strength elongation N/mm% on 50mm Vickers Hardness Complies with or falls within ISO JIS
'O' 210 min 35 min 55 max
Electrolytic Tough M 210 min 35 min 65 max Cu ETP H 3100
Pitch H.C Copper ½ H 210 min 10 min 70 to 95 ISO : 1337 C 1100
H 290 min 90 Min
'O' 210 min 35 min 55 max
Phosphorous M 210 min 35 min 65 max Cu DHP H 3100
Deoxidised Copper ½ H 240 min 10 min 70 to 95 ISO : 1337 C 1220
H 290 min 90 Min

'O' : Annealed Condition
M : 1/4 Hard
1/2 : Half Hard
H : Full Hard
* : Electrical conductivity at 20°. Cel(% IACS) - 100-101 (For Cu ETP 'O' temper)

Using copper sheets in any of your product will definitely give you a much higher level of an electrical conductivity as well as a strong thermal transfer. This can be vital in situations where the electrical parts are being manufactured. Typically the copper sheets products are often used for fasteners and firing pins for even the defense industry and for electrical parts.

Rajshree Metals Industrial grade Copper Sheets can be an ideal and crucial option for any large wide variety of such applications. We can customize copper sheets as they have been recognized to be a versatile material that assists in bringing many benefits on to the table of the custom application. Rajshree Metals will help you to understand whether industrial sheet copper is the right fit to your requirement.

Copper Sheets a rainbow of surprises, depending on clients end use of any product, the copper can provide in many different shapes and forms. Choosing the size to purchase your copper sheet is highly dependent on facts that are on the final use for your given project. It is very important to purchase any copper sheets that are very close to your final application use as possible.

Copper Sheets is a good option for any applications that may require a punching out parts or even those that need wrapping copper around any other material. As a general rule, copper is adequately malleable and soft, hence care must be taken not to allow and damage or deformity in the material in order to get the final product that is well desired.

Rajshree Metals is a company that is identified as one of the competitive edge leaders in Copper Sheets Manufacturer in India. The Metal Copper Sheets that are offered by us are exclusively demanded in various market segments due to our unmatched quality and our unsurpassable performance with respective applications. In addition, our customers have an eased availability of the Copper Flat Sheets for varied sizes and dimensions. Copper Sheets know as the best electrical conductors of all the metals along with Rajshree Metals increased abundance, helped it become the material that tied our clients together.

The advantages of copper sheets include:

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