Imported Brass Sheet

Rajshree Metals one of the leading IMPORTER of Brass Sheet(JIS H 3100/ cuzn37) and Copper Sheet (DHP) for Interior Decoration.

Rajshree metals is one the finest companies which provides brass sheets. These brass sheets are also bought by many for industrial use and in different applications. The sheets are much more rigid and strong. The product is measured by thickness x height x length. These sheets are extensively used for feature walls, lift doors, office cubicles and artwork.

Imported Brass sheets are available today in the market for the interior and architectural uses. Imported Brass metal sheet caused varies with thickness, height, length and the patinas it is known for. Brass sheets have opened up a new line of business for people around the world. Nowadays, best of metal cladding and patina has created new avenues in interior designing. The creativity in this field has extended this metal to every houses and offices.


Imported brass sheet available size is thickness 1.2mm to 4 mm.

Thickness Width Length
1.2mm 1250mm 2500mm/3050mm
1.5mm 1250mm 2500mm/3050mm
2mm 1250mm 2500mm/3050mm
3mm 1250mm 2500mm
4mm 1250mm 2500mm

Brass is traditionally old warm golden color metal, an alloy to be precise of copper and zinc. Brass is used by humans from time immemorial as a utensil, artecrafts, musical instrument, knobs, handles, etc. Brass is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effect. Brass kills these organisms within minutes of contact. The metal is known for its malleable and durable property and so today in this modern age of aesthetics it is used for it the patina.

Brass naturally tarnishes when exposed to the air. We regain the natural shine and luster back by rubbing with brassol or other household products. Today brass is widely used for interior designing. Creativity in this field has extended this metal to every house, offices, living room decorations, receptions of offices, kitchen brass cabinets, bathrooms and where not. Aesthetically, space planning with this metal is the new hardware trend to create warm tones

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