Copper Plate

We are enlisted as a reliable Copper Plates (DHP & ETP) supplier in India. Various industrial sectors are placing bulk orders on us for the customized Copper Plates due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance in the respective applications. The ETP & DHP Copper Plates are also available in varied sizes and dimensions. We are able to provide advantageous deals and wholesale rates on Copper Plates.

Copper Plates

Size Range

Standard Size Thickness
610 x 1220 mm 8 mm to 16 mm
610x610 mm 20 mm and 25 mm

Rajshree Metals is a reputed supplier of copper plates and even exports to domestic and international markets. We are sole suppliers of high-quality Copper plates that are considered highly durable and resistant. With the help of the latest machinery installed at our given place, we are able to deliver our clients with an optimum quality of Copper Plates and that comes at astonishingly competitive prices in the market. The quality of a product plays a crucial role in Rajshree Metals and thus each purchase of Copper Plates undergoes a strict check that ensures your brand and quality is well matched. We are reputed among brands and customers to consider us as the leading Copper Plate Suppliers of India. We have extremely large production facilities in our vicinity for Copper Plates with various productions ranging from large-scale and sizing. Solid Copper and Copper Bonded Earth Plates are used as part of any earthling network so you can imagine how large our demands grow.

With immense growth of industrialization and with the much needed technological advancement, our demand for copper based products that include plates both bare as well as covered has increased rapidly. Due to coppers high conductivity and superior gritted dimensional controls, Our Copper plates are used in abundance in industries for various diverse applications. Copper plates are used in many distinct industries due to their various unique characteristics that involve and includes thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. These properties and characteristics can not be replaced with any other such non-ferrous material since copper possesses superior mechanical malleability, properties, and formability. The Copper Plate can now be easily welded, fabricated or soldered. Rajshree Metals Key Benefits. There are plenty of numerous benefits that can be associated with copper plates. These plates are renowned to function out with utmost precision thereby reducing costs for any given mechanical system.

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