Naval Brass Sheet

C46400 Naval Brass in Sheet, Plate /CW712R / CZ112 is commonly known as Naval Brass due to its improved corrosion resistance in marine environments. The general composition is 60% copper, 39% zinc with an important 1% tin addition that gives an improved corrosion resistance together with a harder and stronger duplex structure to improve the mechanical properties.

The increase in corrosion resistance enables the material to be used in both seawater and other mildly aggressive media, it also offers better strength levels than many of the basic alpha brasses combined with an excellent hot formability.

Typical applications for this C46400 Plate :

Key Features :


Related Specifications :

CZ112 CW712R
C46400 CuZn36Sn1

Chemical Composition :

Copper 59.5-63.5%
Tin 1.0-1.5%
Lead 0.2-0.6%
Zinc Rem

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