Copper Sheets

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  • Jun 27, 2017
  • By Rajshree Metals

We live in an era where the growth and expansion of copper usage are ever so growing. Users prefer copper mainly because it’s a good conductor of electricity and heat. Going by the theory of engineers copper wires, has a higher capacity of transforming electricity to a more efficient usage than any other alloy or metal. Manufactures like Rajshree Metals have started creating a wide category of copper sheets from braised to plain to durable copper sheets. The company makes sure that all copper sheets require the best raw material processing and are efficient with all the parameters for good metal standards.

Nowadays copper wires and conductor are used in residential and commercial sites for fluent connectivity. The beauty about quality copper sheets is that they require minimum installation and have diminished channels when compared to that of aluminum sheets. Due to these hardcore facts, consumers are switching over to copper as the highest metal users.

Customers have a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from but finding the one that most suits your need. With companies like Rajshree metals, you can even set up a long time contract off regular delivery anywhere within the country. Their well attained vendors and dealerships located on all panel in India make sure you metal, copper sheets are delivered to you as per your requirement and demand usage.Rajshree copper also has large distributors in Kerala, Maharashtra and other parts of India. A variety of sizes and pieces available for purchase are Copper Sheet, DOW, DHP ETP Size Range

Standard Size Thickness

1000 × 2000 mm

1.2 mm to 16 mm

1250 × 1250 mm

1.2 mm to 25 mm

1250 × 2500 mm

1.2 mm to 12 mm


0.3 mm to 25 mm

Applications for the copper sheets:

  • Power Plants
  • Temples
  • Refrigeration
  • Defense
  • Power and gas, Hydro requirements
  • Heat and exchange conductors

From dimension control to precision engineering Rajshree metals have moved their way up the ladder to be a brand contender and with long life service and crack free or undamaged goods they have held their check on quality standards.

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