Copper Strip

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  • Jun 27, 2017
  • By Rajshree Metals

Copper strips are the splendid usage to obtain perfection, performance for various applications. And their requirements. The demand and efficiency for dependence on this metal are available in various thickness and diameters to fit the required demand. Copper strips are highly resistant to corrosion, fantastic finishing, precise dimensions and high strength.

Some of the most popular demands being defense, ship repairs, other shipbuilding refineries, Power plants, condensers, chillers, copper strip manufacturing for hydropower projects. Usually, a copper strip supplier and dealer manufactures different copper strip types like paper, copper strip, glass fiber covered strip, enameled copper strip and braided copper strip with the final type being bare or plain copper strip.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • High powered strength
  • Superior quality and finish
  • Accuracy in Dimension

Companies like Rajshree Metals, manufacture copper strips that are used in automated machinery to enhance performance and reduce wastage. Bare copper strips are used in areas where salt and sand content is very high to improve on shelf life compared to other metals. Rajshree Metals come in customized designed dimensions that can be used for any other solutions due to the fact that it is accurate.

Copper has two unique properties like thermal conductivity and electrical. They are held responsive to the wide range of copper usage in most fields.It is the one and only nonferrous metal to obtain this quality. Ductility and even malleability are two other characters that make the mechanical properties that can help in the running and maintenance of all copper based instruments and devices.

Copper strips also happen to be a cost effective procedure due to the demand to inherit the uses of copper when faced with thermal or electrical devices, Copper strips have even known to be excellent conductors of electricity and thermal devices.

What does Copper Stips from Rajshree Metals Cover:

Gaskets, Lamp Caps, Terminals, Eyelets, Lamp stand. Furniture finishings. Temples Metal Zips, Handicrafts, Shaving products, Photo Frames, other plumbing and the electronic device. Rajshree metals is a manufacturer of steel and have supplied and built copper strips and their custom dimension from Kerala to Maharashtra through India. Rajshree Metals are really set out to make a high profile brand name.

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